Any attempt to obtain Apostille, Legalization or Notarization of your Degree or Transcript by ANY other means than who are the world's experts in obtaining genuine Government issued Apostilles, will result in immediate invalidation of your Degree or Transcript and revocation of your verification privileges without recompense. This policy was adopted after serious legal problems caused by idiots trying to do this themselves or using inferior services and ending up in a legal minefield they did not understand and it blew up in their faces.


What an Apostille is.....

Many of our clients have noted the advantages of presenting their degree in conjunction with a Hague Convention Apostille.

Legalization thru a 1961 Hague Convention Apostille does not change the accreditation status of a degree, but the recognition of the legality of an Apostilled Document is a legal obligation that cannot be questioned in any signatory country.

(For a list of signatory countries, please click here)

However, the Apostille is a VERY powerful legal tool and presenting your degree in conjunction with it can greatly simplify the use of your degree internationally. It is for this reason that we STRONGLY recommend our customers to obtain a Hague Convention Apostille to present in conjunction with their degree.

This service is EXCLUSIVELY offered to our customers thru the auspices of the worlds EXPERTS in the Hague Convention and Apostille related matters.

Why you should order one as soon as possible....

Please note that there have been several attempts of late to adopt policies and procedures to prevent access to valid Apostilles for holders of non-nationally accredited degrees. The new application format developed by is designed to cater to and comply with these new policies and procedures.

It is recommended that you act QUICKLY, since this service may once again be interrupted by interference or obstruction from officialdom.

Obtaining a valid Apostille for non-nationally accredited degree is a difficult and complicated procedure that must be EXPERTLY handled, especially in the face of official obstruction and intransigence.

The ONLY company capable of doing this is the world's leading Apostille Service.

A Smart Investment.....

To add a higher level of legitimacy to your degree we know that at Apostille is a worthwhile consideration.  The cost is only $390 plus $50 shipping and the package includes a complete new set of original degree diploma(s), identical to those you have already received, plus the valid Hague Convention Apostille, sourced from a government agency duly authorized to issue Apostilles.

The Apostille MUST be recognized as valid in ANY country that is a contracting state to the 1961 Hague Convention. (see list of countries)

The link below is EXCLUSIVELY for the customers of our site and contains our unique reference code ID-1423

You will need to have your diploma code (printed on the reverse of the degree) ready to quote in the order process.

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List of Countries.

The following States have all ratified, acceded to or declared themselves bound by Article 12 of the Hague Convention. This means that any Apostilled document must be accepted as legal for use without any further requirements in any country listed below.  (Correct at Time of print)

Andorra  Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia  Australia  Austria  Azerbaijan Bahamas  Barbados  Belarus  Belgium  Belize  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Botswana  Brunei Darussalam  Bulgaria  China, (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region only)  China, (Macau Special Administrative Region only)  Colombia  Cook Islands Croatia  Cyprus  Czech Republic  Dominica  El Salvador  Estonia  Fiji  Finland  The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  France  Germany  Greece  Grenada  Honduras Hungary  Ireland  Israel  India Italy  Japan  Kazakhstan  Latvia  Lesotho  Liberia  Liechtenstein  Lithuania  Luxembourg  Malawi  Malta  Marshall Islands  Mauritius  Mexico  Monaco  Namibia  Netherlands  New Zealand  Niue  Norway  Panama  Poland Portugal  Romania  Russian Federation  Serbia and Montenegro  Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia  Saint Vincent & the Grenadines  Samoa  San Marino  Seychelles  Slovakia  Slovenia  South Africa  Spain  Suriname  Swaziland Sweden  Switzerland  Tonga  Trinidad and Tobago Turkey  Ukraine United Kingdom  United States  Venezuela