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Remember. You pay nothing to a Sponsor until we confirm your degree choice is approved.

Full Name (NOT in CAPS) example "First Middle Last"

Nationality / Citizenship

Current Country of Residence

Day of Birth

Current State or Region

Month of Birth


Year of Birth

Choose Desired Degree Level

Choose Desired Degree Discipline

Choose Desired Degree Subject

e.g.  Bachelor of Arts in History

Choose your Desired Graduation Date.  You must have been at least 21years old on chosen date.


Re-Confirm Email

Phone (optional)

If your application is successful, the total fee to pay to our Sponsor will be between $200 USD to $300 USD, depending on your Degree choice.

How would you prefer to pay after successful approval?

By making this application I declare under penalty of perjury to fully understand the concept and limitations of private degrees as explained in the FAQ & TOS. I further declare the information I give as true and complete, with an honest held belief to possess sufficient work experience to justify my choice of degree. I agree to be bound by the FAQ & TOS and Acceptable Use Policy of the website

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