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"I filled in the form. Was approved 11 hours later. I paid a Sponsor. Listed in School just 3 hours later. Got my diploma in a week. Love this service. My Sister is applying too. Thanks for all your help".

​ Marty, CA, USA

"I was amazed how quickly I was verified in the College database. The diploma mailed to me a few days later was beautiful. Now on my wall. I'm so proud of this school. Thankyou".

​ Tony S, Manchester, UK

"Seeing myself listed in the School's website just blew me away. Looking forward to the presentation diploma. This service is brilliant. Can't thank you guys enough."

​ Adrian R, CA USA

"Brilliant. Just what I wanted."

Mary H, TX USA

"Just got a new job using my new degree. I should have done this years ago. Expect an order from my brother later today. My whole family are going to use your service."

​ Jose C, FL USA

"Best decision I ever made. "

​ F.H. Thompson, UK

"A similar website wanted to charge me almost 4 times what it cost me here. This was money well spent. Thanks"

​ Robert K, New Zealand

"You guys weren't kidding when you said this was a FAST process. The college website is fantastic and professional. I can search myself there just as promised. Diploma is beautiful. Awesome."

Linda M, FL USA

"I always wanted to buy a degree. I know with my experience I deserve it. But i like the security that its issued legally and can be verified instantly."

Ron F, Ottawa CAN

"No complaints. Just what I wanted. Recognition of my work experience. Love you guys."


"The best thing I did online since I met my wife online. My degree was listed in 1 day and I got the diploma in 5 days.  Gracias! :-) "

Rico B, Galicia, Spain

"Just verified my college degree at the school website. You guys saved my life. Can't thank your team enough."

Annika B, South Africa

"Thanks guys. I got my college degree confirmed in an online college database the same day. Diploma arrived a week later"

J. King, United States

"I love your service. Got my degree. Verified it. Got a job with it. You are the best. Ordering transcripts right now. Thanks"

Sami M, India

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